How to Use the Obd2 Scanner At Home?

September 3, 2019

We are here to show you how to use the obd2 scanner at home.

Who you are, what you do but when you own a car you need to have certain knowledge about it. With a lot of knowledge about cars and use an obd2 scanners you will have less cost and less risk.

With modern technology in cars today, every small or big error is alerted through the LED indicator on your car dashboard. Of course, you need to know about the errors, and then depending on the error, you can make a decision to repair or take the car to a professional garage.

Tell you, sometimes errors are warned but not as serious as you think. You can fully proactively check and clear errors without calling a professional engineer.

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Use the obd2 scanner to check and handle errors.

To be able to scan and remove errors for cars, you need two things: the OBDII port helps you contact the vehicle’s ECU. The second is to use the obd2 scanner to read errors for vehicles through identified error codes.

But don’t worry if you get the information that, to buy a car diagnostic scanner for $ 1000.

In this article, we will introduce you to tools: communication and diagnostics, eliminating car faults at the lowest cost.

Use the diagnostic tool to communicate with the car via Bluetooth OBD2.

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I’m sure you’ve heard of this product, a port that communicates with the car control system (we often call it ECU) via the OBD II port with Bluetooth signals.

Temporarily call it simply OBD II Bluetooth. This is an easy-to-find device, you can buy this OBD II Bluetooth port directly at an auto parts store or on other car accessories websites like Amazon …

How does OBDII Bluetooth work?

The operation of this device is very simple after you connect the OBD II Bluetooth port to your car, the device will transmit a signal through the Bluetooth system to the receiving device.

The receiver here is a machine that has an operating system or software that can translate vehicle error codes. And you can use your own smartphone with the free diagnostic software installed.

Connect the OBDII device to your vehicle.

Normally, the OBDII interface on cars is usually on the bottom left of your steering wheel, but if you do not know their location you can access the website directly:

This is the website that gives you the most accurate OBD port position on your car.

All you need to do is enter the complete information such as Car manufacturer, year of manufacture, vehicle name. Then click confirm (Submit).

In just a few seconds a diagram and a specific image of the location of the OBDII engine on your vehicle will show up in the most complete detail.

Connect OBDII Bluetooth with your phone.

Once you’ve plugged in the OBDII port to your car, the next task is to connect them to your phone, which is quite simple.

Just go to the settings on your phone, turn on the Bluetooth function to scan the device. After the devices recognize each other, pair them.

Please read the instructions of the device to get the login code, usually, the login code for Bluetooth connection will be “0000” or ‘1234”.

Start ways to check errors for cars.

We introduce you to two tools at the least cost.

1. OBD2 Bluetooth communication port.

If you are looking for an OBD2 Bluetooth port, we recommend you to buy the OBD2 Bluetooth ELM 327. This is a standard OBD2 port and we have tested it with a number of different vehicles, they work quite well.

2. OBD2 error diagnosis software

There is quite a lot of software for diagnosing and removing errors for cars, you can install them on your phone via the APP or install the software on your Laptop.

If you use a smartphone you can search them through keywords like OBDII, Scan OBD …

However, we will introduce you to the following two software, you can download them on CH play and start using.

Piston OBD software

We tried using Piston OBD software and found the interface of the software quite intuitive, easy to use and most importantly, there is no download and installation fee.

Once installed, open the software and proceed to check the error by clicking the car icon at the top of the screen. Then depending on which data you want to check, click the meter icon of each display item.

The piston has quite detailed options such as battery power, cooling temperature …

To know why the error light is on, click the gear icon in the corner of the software and then select Erro (error).

The software will system all errors stored on your vehicle ECU and display error codes, but the limitation of Piston is that the error description is not detailed for semi-professional users.

If you need more accurate data you can click the three dots button right corner, then go to settings / advanced then set the data as you like.

To be able to use Piston software in more detail, we recommend using the application: OBD2 Pro Check Engine Car DTC. You can find out more…

EOBD Facile software

This is a software used on the IOS APP, there are many similar software specifically for the IOS operating system with similar functions, you can install, get familiar and use them.

Most software is designed to be very intuitive for users to use. With just a little basic English, you can master them.

You can search for them by going to the APP and then searching for keywords like OBDII, which will have a bunch of tools to help you diagnose cars.


We want to say, whether you are passionate about learning or not, but when you own a car, you should understand it. This will help you save a lot of money if they happen very basic errors that you can completely overcome.

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