How To Choose An Best Obd2 Scanner 2020

October 21, 2019

2020,the year of a breakthrough in many new automotive technologies. It is very important to choose a obd2 scanner diagnostic device that is capable of mastering and catching up with the car manufacturer’s new technologies.

Here are some “tips” to help you choose for yourself a professional car diagnostic equipment and meet your needs.

How to Choose an OBD2 Scanner?

1.Thorough analysis of your obd2 scanner needs

based on some multidimensional information transmission but forget about the needs from themselves, only we understand what garage we are making and which cars are often “stuck”.

Starting from that, you can understand the cars that you usually do such as Korean cars, Japanese cars, German cars, etc., so that you can find the suitable obd2 scanner brands or models for you.

2. The price of obd2 scanner

If you invest a lot of money in an ordinary reading product, the ability to get back your capital is very slow and get back the obsolete speed of your current device.

Keep in mind that most of the current versatile models in have software that is “duplicated” based on the specialized platform and has some additional strengths so the common features are almost the same ( Except for high-end professional models).

If listening to some people who only experience in some models of cars and some machines rushed to conclude that “better”, “best” is not accurate.

3.Research product features thoroughly before making a decision

Many garages decided to buy a obd2 diagnostic device that was not really accurate from the seller. For example, “This is the most powerful current model” but the seller himself has only experienced a few models. The “best” concept is wrong when the world of this technology is vast and vast.

Buying an error reading machine you can refer to the product features from the website or refer to many people to get good advice.

The best way is that you should go to Youtobe and start with the keywords you are interested in, for example, “How to use AAA error reader” “How to … ..” You will witness how people do it and smart videos, visual illustration to make the right decision before buying.

4.Update mode is vital

Update production the product is the only way to turn an old machine into a new one, with a body type but the operating system is upgraded to more compatible, more features, more cars.

If you buy floating models in the market, the ability to update these models is very difficult because they are not on the list of manufacturers.

Choose models that have the ability to update online anytime, anywhere and regularly have new updates. Updating the product is easy to check.

Visit the manufacturer’s home page, or you can log in right away on the built-in update homepage. Or before buying, start with the keyword “How to update …” or “Instructions to update the device …”. If the results appear, you can refer to the video results to check for updates.

5. Learn the technical support mode

The fault-reading machine is not like a phone or a computer, it is a true “fishing rod” of the worker so the after-sales technical support is extremely necessary.

Never listen to advertisements, if you want to know if technical support is good or not for a diagnostic product provider, you can find a technical support hotline, or a home page for customers offer to ask some related technical issues.

You will have the right choice of supplier. Only suppliers with technical investment, capable of grasping the new technology, will advise you well and satisfy your needs.

If you call to them for a “not a customer” or “Request for new customer information advice” reasons, these are the providers you should not choose.

6.Warranty of obd2 scanner

Do not believe in the promise of “one-on-one warranty” for trial use … because the issue here relates to the reputation of the supplier brand.

You can’t choose a new provider with a “few months” lifespan to get that reputation for a 1 year warranty.

You also cannot believe in unprofessional companies selling a lot of items in which diagnostic products are “bundled” goods.

And you should not believe in the warranty if you do not have a specific legal status.

7.Search for sources of information thoroughly

Choose a good product, a good brand and a faulty reader to meet your needs by choosing reputable brands in the field of automotive diagnostic equipment.

Search for that information through Google, social networks, and technical forums.

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