Bafx products bluetooth obdii scan tool review

November 16, 2019

Flashing warning lights in your car can be a real headache. Tear your eyes from that depressing dashboard and connect your Bafx Products Bluetooth Diagnostic Obdii Car Scanner & Reader Tool.

Every DIY mechanic out there wants to discover what’s behind that blinking orange mystery, and understandably so.

It’s your car after all, and not finding the cause can create big problems. It can make mechanical issues worsen, cost you serious money when it’s time to fix things up, or even cause an accident…

This wireless diagnostic car scanner is here to take the worry out of warning lights. Helping you understand the cause of your car’s warning signals, this scanner will identify your car’s problem – quickly and simply.

With solid Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility across almost all modern cars, this is the accessory you need to truly understand and care for your vehicle.

Choose BAFX Products  Bluetooth– we won’t let you down.

Bafx products bluetooth obdii scan tool review

Bafx Products - Wireless Bluetooth OBD2

BAFX Products Bluetooth – Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool for Android Devices – Read/Clear Your Check Engine Light & Much More

User rating: 4.4

Why we like

  • Suitable for all vehicles made since 1996, the OBDII Reader impresses with its consistent and fast results.
  • NOT compatible with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads etc) For iOS devices, see our WiFi OBD Reader; This version of our Bluetooth OBD2 scanner and is only compatible with Android or Windows devices
  • Compatibility – Our OBDII reader will work on all vehicles purchased in the USA model year 1996 or newer; Unlike other OBD2 readers, ours works on all OBD2 protocols including J1850 and CAN
  • 2 Year Warranty – For 2 years you will be covered by our warranty against all manufacturing defects; With a hassle free claims process and friendly USA based support you cannot go wrong
  • Monitor & Analyze – A must have tool for any DIY mechanic; You can read and clear your check engine light and monitor different vehicle sensors in real time to better locate your problems
  • IMPORTANT – Please follow ALL setup steps indicated in instructions for a successful connection! This OBD2 scanner does not read ABS, SRS, TPMS, Oil Change or any other non-OBDII related lights

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Design features BAFX Products Bluetooth

Bafx Products Bluetooth Diagnostic Obdii made with great compatibility, the OBDII Reader can be used on all vehicles made since 1996. It can be used by car owners who want to take matters into their own hands as well as by car mechanics as it works on all car brands.

BAFX Products Bluetooth is also compatible with the diesel, petrol, and hybrids, which means it will work from one type of engine to another without the need of additional readers.

Function Bafx Products

The OBDII reader works with third-party apps. While it does the reading, the information needs to be displayed on a smartphone app.

These apps could be Carista, Torque or Scan Master. There is more to be said about the types of apps its compatible with.

However, users need to keep in mind the scanner works with Android and Windows devices as it has a separate release for iOs mobile devices.

Bafx Products Bluetooth Diagnostic Obdii made with a compact design, the scanner can remain in the car at all times as drivers won’t have to worry about storage space too much.

Of course, it also needs to be paired with a smartphone. For example, those who want to see real-time diagnostics might need to consider an app which supports this characteristic.

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Convenient features of BAFX Products Bluetooth

Most importantly, the OBDII Reader is truly capable when it comes to reading check engine lights. This light can indicate a series of problems. O2 sensors, fuel trim, DPF temp, coolant temp, oil temp, fuel pressure, and the air-fuel ratio can be behind the check engine light warning.

Apart from immediate mechanical or electric problems, the light can also stop cars from passing emission testing. In some countries, this light means all cars are immediately failed for their regular inspection. The check engine light can be anything from a small sensor to a gas cap.

The diagnostic car scan tool allows users to reset the check engine light, once the problem has been solved. Once all faults are fixed, drivers or mechanics can also check that the vehicle is ready for emissions’ testing.

Since all the best diagnostic car scan tools come with their limitations, BAFX’s Bluetooth Scanner also has a few limiting factors.

First of all, it’s only made for Android and Windows users. Secondly, the scanner needs to be paired with a dedicated third-party app. But the good news is that pairing is done wirelessly, via Bluetooth connectivity.

Pros And Cons of BAFX Products Bluetooth

Pros Cons

  • Suitable for all vehicles made since 1996
  • Made for Check Engine light fault codes
  • Can be used for real-time monitoring

  • Not compatible with Apple smartphone

Bafx Products Bluetooth vs Foseal Wifi vs Panlong Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Scanner for Android Devices
Foseal Wireless Car WIFI OBDII Scanner for iOS and Android
Panlong Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner for Android
Customer Rating
4.4 / 5
3.9 / 5
4.3 / 5
ProsOffers various diagnostic functions;
Work smoothly with third-party apps;
Optimized for vehicles in the United States only.
Same physical profile as the BAFX;
Great in diagnostics involving CEL;
Support for iOS devices.
Compatible with Android devices, protocol J1850;
Good for reading and clearing error codes, CEL, sensors.
ConsNot support iOS devices.Wifi, not Bluetooth;
Possible connection issues.
Possible Bluetooth connection problem;
Bottom LineBafx products is suitable for beginners and average car owners.Foseal Wifi Car scanner is great for beginners to turn off CEL and do simple diagnosis.Panlong Bluetooth scanner is another competitor of Bafx.
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Bafx products bluetooth diagnostic obdii reader  as one of the most constant OBD2 scanners, the device has proven its worth across multiple car brands.

Who is Bafx Products Bluetooth for?

In general, the BAFX Products Bluetooth scanner is built for users who want a diagnostics aid that will deliver good performance.

In particular, this OBD2 scanner is appropriate for mechanics thanks to its ability to identify several issues.

It is also suited to average car users and beginners as it offers an easy setup and user experience.


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